This is really going to mess with Minnesota’s reputation

Jonathon The Impaler (our Minnesota vampire running for governor) is interviewed on the City Pages Blotter. I’m still not voting for him.

It’s interesting that his source of income is selling cloaks to covens. It’s also distressing that he needs that income because his wife got fired from her job after The Impaler gave a press conference, and her employer admitted it was because of her religious preference—she wasn’t a good “role model”.


  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says

    The school district leadership and the bus company deserve to be sued. According to the article, they are claiming that she is not a good role model, but no actions or behaviours were cited, only her religious affiliation.

  2. Anonymous says

    The hyperlink “interviewed on the City Pages Blotter” only points back to your own blog main page.

  3. says

    I’m not voting for him, either. I’d consider voting for her, his wife, if she ran.

    BTW, I wonder if the kid who killed his mother (Nancy Lynn Everson, a Chaska resident) for $$ was influenced by a vampyre, a witch, a pagan, or an atheist bus driver? Because he must have had a bad role model somewhere, you know! We must protect the little dears from the big, bad freethinkers.

  4. Ken says

    Any HR types out there? Does she have a reasonable case to sue? The “not a good role model” excuse seems pretty unreasonable to me, but if it’s not blatant age/race discrimination, a private employer can fire someone for any reason at all, no?

    The school district leadership and the bus company deserve to be sued.

    Probably, but it’s a damned shame that the action of MORONS will divert yet more funds that should be spent on education.

  5. CanuckRob says

    Ouch/ They can fire a bus driver becosue she is a witch but apparently does not try to convert her riders but it is okay for other religions to brainwash kids (through parents usually). Must be something special about bus drivers that makes them so eveil that jsut being on the same bus with one could result in your converting to wicca (I assume wicca, could be some other form of witchcraft I suppose)

  6. GH says

    Well it should be mentioned that this lady is not his wife but rather his girlfriend. That could have played a role as well, but it’s just as unjustified.

  7. says

    Oops, fixed the link. I still have to get used to this new site.

    I agree that this guy is a complete kook, but it is deplorable to fire his wife. Who knew Christianity was a prerequisite for driving a bus?

  8. says

    You can fire people because of their religion? Sheesh, with so many Christians in the U.S. you’d think there’d be more tolerance, wouldn’t you? Here in Australia I went to a Catholic school but one of our teachers was Muslim. We never thought anything of it. I mean it’s just another religion and very similar to Christiananity. It would just be wrong to refuse him a job because of his beliefs.

  9. David Wilford says

    role model: (slang, U.S.) – a way to stereotype people and make them behave the way you want them to, or else. Usage most common with fundamentalist bigots who want to tell everyone else how to live their lives.

  10. says

    Oh come on, a blood sucking monster in office isn’t exactly something new. Just ask the virgins whose blood Dick Cheney soaks in every night in order to renew his evil powers…

    – Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  11. says

    She should sue the pants off that school board. Isn’t there a precedent in that area – a Pagan woman who served as a prison chaplain got fired for not being in the “right” religion, then reinstated? It was a few years ago, so I can’t remember the details.

  12. says

    You might not vote for him, but you have to admit, you don’t hear politicians saying stuff like this every day:

    What I think is an obstacle, and I’ll admit it, is that I hate God the Father. However, I have no animosity toward Jesus.

    The cloaks are awfully naff, though.

    But what’s with the wife/GF losing her job? I thought you were in Minnesota, not Alabama.

  13. Robb H says

    Isn’t there some piece of paper or something somewhere that declares religious discrimination in employeement Anti-American? Hey wait, I’m a card carrying member of the ACLU, the phone number is on the back of the card. Maybe they know.

  14. says

    Even if he weren’t nuttier than the fruitcake aisle at Costco, I still wouldn’t vote for someone who can’t spell “Jonathan”.

  15. Pablo Escobar says

    I’m sure the Religious Right will spring to action since she was fired for her religious beliefs…

    (crickets chirping)


  16. John Thomas says

    California witches and pagans are up in arms about this and soon will be descending on Minnesota to work day and night for Jonathan’s campaign. The vampires are coming too but will only be working nights. Watch for two tiny teeth marks on the throats of Ms Jonathan’s persecutors. Never Again the Burning Times!

  17. Marc says

    I’ve never known any school bus drivers who were ANY sort of role models.
    Their interaction with students is limited to:
    ‘SIT THE &*%(@#~! DOWN!’

    But my experience might not be typical.

  18. says

    California witches and pagans are up in arms about this and soon will be descending on Minnesota to work day and night for Jonathan’s campaign.

    Um, I’m all for it, but let’s wait for Spring, eh? There’s a reason some of us aren’t in Pennsylvania or, say, Chicago anymore. Or Kansas.