A brief update on the movement to Stop Cop City

I’m working on a longer post about what’s been going on in Atlanta, what information we have on the police killing of Tortuguita, what’s going to be happening in the next month, but I wanted to spend today digging into the Ohio train derailment, because the more I learn, the worse it looks (Edit: Bomb train post will be up some time tomorrow). That said, I wanted to post something quick about it to give people who might want to do something as much advance notice as possible.

So, the bare bones – Climate Justice Alliance has announced that there’s a call for local protests from February 19th -26th in solidarity with the effort to defend the forest. Further, organizers are planning a mass convergence on Atlanta from March 4th-11th, for all who are able to go.

This action guide covers pretty much anything one might feel able to do in support of the cause, so check it out if that interests you. If nothing else, it’s worth looking at in thinking about how you might go about fighting for other causes as well.


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    Let me predict how this will end: the cops are going to do whatever they want and the people of Atlanta will pay for it. Remember how Atlanta’s mayor used to feel:

    In an interview with 11Alive earlier this week and again during a City Council conference call on Wednesday, Mayor Bottoms said felt her police reform priorities were broadly aligned with what she sees activists who use a message like “defund police” are calling for.

    Let me write y’all a big ole check.

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    That’s certainly their plan. If we ever manage to make real change, it’ll be by continuing to fight, even if we lose battles.

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