Video: The Continually Escalating Anti-LGBT Rhetoric

Jessie Gender is a good source of information on trans issues and Star Trek. She has done a number of deep dives into the propaganda and misinformation surrounding trans people and the movement for trans rights, and this video is no exception. The United States (and that country is not alone) is currently in the midst of a murderous campaign to erase queer people from existence. Obviously, I think there’s validity in pointing to hypocrisy, inconsistency, and projection from conservatives, but it’s far more important that those of us who support trans rights understand what’s happening. The violence we’ve seen is the goal of this rhetoric.

This will not go away by itself. Genocide is the right word for this project. The goal here is exterminationist mass murder, and it’s up to us to stand up to the fascists, and to take away their power to do what they’re doing. This video is a good breakdown of the whole situation, in my view, and worth your time.


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    i don’t end up watching most of the videos you post bc i can’t handle the news point blank like that. i think the buffer of written language from bloggers helps make it less intense. the subject of this video in particular, there’s no way i can watch it. just taking the time to block fascist transphobes on tumblr does me some kind of psychic damage. bad times in the USA.

  2. moonslicer says

    I’d agree with Satan (above). I simply can’t take this kind of stuff. You have your limits. I can’t express how much it astonishes and depresses me to see how vicious American right-wingers can be. And they think they’re the good guys, the kind of people that a loving god would love.

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    I’ll try to provide more written info when I have the wherewithal to process this shit and put it into my own words.

    Edit: and thank you for the feedback!

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    I didn’t mean that to say you shouldn’t do the lazy day video posts, just to explain why i comment on the thumbnail more often than the substance of the video. Blog as thou wilt shall be the whole of FtB law.

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