Some More News: We’re Running Out Of Water

I’m working on a fantasy novel today, so instead I’ll let Cody explain why we’re all in hot- well… you get the picture.


  1. John Morales says

    Um, planet Earth is 2/3 water, on the surface.

    “Fresh” water, sure.

    I’m not denying we’re wasting the bulk of it, using the rest of the bulk wastefully, depleting aquifers, and so forth.

    But water… plenty of that around, on this planet.

    (Look at a picture of it from space)

  2. Katydid says

    My grandparents retired to Paradise, CA (now ashes) in the 1960s. Water was a problem then, water was always a problem. When we visited them, it was “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” and spot-washes only. Xeriscaped yards. Nobody washed cars or had swimming pools. Then a golf course developer wanted to put in a golf course. Their house had no air conditioning (it had overhanging eaves and windows on all 4 sides) and only a pellet stove for heat.

    The water conservation they were doing in the 1960s is what the rest of the USA should be doing.

  3. planter says

    Slightly OT but interesting. This new paper takes a really long-term perspective (for plant ecology), showing dramatic changes in leaf out and flowering time over 200 years in the US northeast.

    Fuccillo Battle, K., Duhon, A., Vispo, C. R., Crimmins, T. M., Rosenstiel, T. N., Armstrong-Davies, L. L., & de Rivera, C. E. (2022). Citizen science across two centuries reveals phenological change among plant species and functional groups in the Northeastern US. Journal of Ecology, 00, 1– 18.

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