Happy M.L.K. Jr. Day!

Apparently the agriculture post is going to take me another day – sorry about that!

For any readers outside the United States, today is the celebration of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a leader from the Civil Rights Movement, and a man whose legacy has been misused and abused since well before his death. Of the famous leaders of that movement, King is often viewed as the “correct” one because of his focus on nonviolence, but the reality is that he was treated as an extremist while he was alive, and many of those who love to praise him today are explicitly opposed to most or all of what he fought for. Fortunately, it seems that more and more people are speaking out against that kind of hypocritical crap, and telling the truth about King and his place in history.


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    Thanks for posting this.
    As an Old Person, I remember how racists resented him, and hoped he was passe once the younger generation of black leaders who seemed more radical arose; as a pacifist, I was moved by his nonviolence, and his trenchant opposition to the Vietnam War, which earned a whole new group of enemies for him; and when he put it all together iwth a critique of our economic system, he drove a lot of liberals crazy, too. His murder set the tone for what Thomas Merton called “a beast of a year.”

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