A brief bit of advice about dealing with potentially extremist loved ones

If you have any loved ones who’re off the deep end in the far right, and you’re worried about whether they might hurt someone, this video is for you.

The TL:DW version is that now’s a good time to give those folks some space, and hope they find their way out as new facts come to light. Trying to push could have the opposite result from what you hope.


  1. billseymour says

    I’ve heard it said that every family has a crazy uncle who’s a Trumper.  Well, my extended family, at least those who still live in and around St. Louis, Missouri where I do, are the the Trumpers; and I was the crazy uncle who showed up when there was food.  I mostly just kept my mouth shut because I knew that speaking up probably wouldn’t do any good.

  2. says

    @billseymour – sorry, I meant to respond earlier. I have a relative who’s much more on the far-right than I’m comfortable with (I’ve honestly avoided finding out how they feel about Trump), but fortunately I’m reasonably certain nobody in that branch of the family is anywhere close to violence.

    It’s always annoying to have to choose to leave their bullshit unchallenged to keep the peace, but I sometimes feel like it can be harder to get through to relatives than strangers.

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