The US is facing an eviction crisis. Here’s a list of resources that you should share

Update: There are more dead links in the last mutual aid post than I was expecting, so I’m taking a little extra time to go through those and find what new resources I can. The new edition will be up on Sunday.

I’ll be updating my mutual aid post tomorrow, and this will be on it, but it merits its own post as well. Share this twitter thread as widely as you can to increase the odds of useful information getting to someone who needs it. It includes resources by state as well as federal resources. Congress continues to fail in their duties to the American people, and some may even thing that mass evictions will be “good for business”, as it’s likely to create a whole bunch of desperate people who’re more likely to agree to bad pay and bad working conditions. Some state legislatures may help, many will not. Also please keep in mind that, as a rule, you can’t trust landlords. They’ll make up cleaning bills to keep your deposit, and they’ll lie to you about your rights as a tenant if you let them. There are good people who are landlords out there, but they’re not who a majority of renters have to deal with. Know your rights, share information widely, and look for ways to help those around you.


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