A look at Venice’s flood barrier system

This video provides a good look at a flood barrier system Venice recently completed. It’s a remarkable feat of engineering and yet, as the video says, it’s likely to be insufficient to protect against the sea level rise we’re expecting over the next century or so. The video also provides a good overview of the problems in construction, and of the kinds of ecological damage that could face Venice and other coastal cities from relying on barriers like this to protect them from sea level rise.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    We’ll see what we’ll have to come up with here around the Baltic Sea when the sea levels rise. We can’t just dam the Danish Straits, because the catchment area of the rivers flowing into the Baltic is three times the area of the sea, so we’d probably drown in freshwater if we did that. Luckily there are no significant tides in the Baltic sea, but we do have high or low sea levels because of winds, especially in the Gulf of Finland.

  2. says

    @2 Maybe that’s Ben Shapiro’s plan – he’s gonna buy up all that flooded property that Hbomb thought was going to Aquaman, and resell it at a massive profit after humanity stops messing around and just takes some rocks out of the ocean!

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