Video: Eel takes Gould’s assessment to heart, and make forays into snakehood

When Stephen J. Gould said that there is no such thing as a fish, he was referring to the fact that “fish”, is a paraphyletic category – any family tree that includes all fish must be deliberately altered to remove other vertebrates that we don’t think of as “fish”. Apparently Mediterranean moray eels have found one answer to to the eternal eel question, “What if swimming, but above where the water stops?”



  1. brucegee1962 says

    “When an eel bites your leg and the pain makes you beg, that’s a moray.”

    (stolen from a Fusco Brothers cartoon)

  2. publicola says

    When I was about thirteen, I caught a conger eel that almost pulled me out of the boat. I don’t like eels…

  3. lumipuna says

    “Eels take Gould’s assessment to heart, and fake morays into snakehood”

    (At least the English usage of “eel” seems to be wildly paraphyletic. Also, I was astonished when I learned that in English eels are often not considered “fish”.)

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