If only greenhouse gasses were visible to the naked eye…

This isn’t new footage – the video is from 2016, and at least some of the footage in it is from 2015, but it’s useful to have clips like this handy, to help our monkey brains come to terms with solving an invisible problem.

(For those who can’t see or hear, the video shows Californian scrubland on a sunny day, with text-over saying that you can’t see the gas leak, but an infrared camera can. The image then goes to black and white, showing a dark plume of gas blotting out part of the sky. The text-over says that it’s methane, and goes on to explain that that particular leak put out 4.4 billion cubic feet of methane – enough to heat 70,000 homes for the winter – between its detection in October of 2015, and the making of the video four months later. It then talks about Methane’s properties as a greenhouse gas.)

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