Quick Blog and Personal Update (That Ableism Post I Promised)

I can’t remember exactly how long ago it was, only that it feels like it was in 2016, when I promised a blog post about ableism and words like “stupid”. Of course, that never materialized, but I kept posting here about how it would be “soon”.

In one blog post I put up a tiny bit more recently (back in August of 2017), I talked about how I actually had a private deadline. No one will believe it, but that deadline is actually approaching. It’s Monday.

Yeah, I did honestly give myself that long.


It was actually originally sooner. Back in August, I wanted to have it up at the end of December. Agent Orange had slowed me down, and actually made blogging unbearable for a bit. But I was still determined to get the ableism post up by the end of December. But then my Grandpa died. I wanted a few months to come to terms with that. And then Teavana closed and I couldn’t find another job. So this coming Monday was it (I know… 3rd Monday in June is very random… and it was deliberately random).

And guess what?

That ableism post I promised looks like it’s going to be three posts… and part 1 is finished! I’m hoping to get my brother to proofread it, but it’ll be going up by or before this coming Monday, followed closely by parts 2 and 3 (during the next week). I’m going to be holding off on the commenting policy for now, considering how little traffic this blog gets at the moment. However, it will be written and ready to go as soon as I need it.

As for the post about the US police and white supremacy… that one’s on the back-burner for now. I have a lot of the research collected already, and a basic outline for it, but I have to focus on getting a job and finding a place to live. Then, when my life is a bit more settled, I’ll start working on that post.

The ableism post I’ve been working on for a long time, and now that part 1 is finished and part 2 is coming along nicely (with part 3 already outlined out), I’m excited to finally get the whole thing posted.

And finally… what about Astronomy Picture of the Week and Great Guitar Solos?

I’ll be scheduling a few APotW posts this weekend. But my well for Great Guitar Solos has run completely dry (in no small part due to the fact that I almost only listen to podcasts instead of music, now). Hopefully some of y’all have suggestions. Make sure I haven’t covered it already. If I haven’t, feel free to recommend it. I’ve been wanting to turn GGS into a reader-submitted series for a while, but almost no one contributes, so…

You know… let me know!

As for the job… No, I don’t have one. I’m looking for a full-time, 9-5, Mon-Fri office job that pays at least $40,000 a year in Atlanta, GA… HR, Administrative Assistant… or anything that isn’t retail or high-stress service. Or I’d really love a work-from-home job as long as it paid well enough for me to… you know… rent a home.

Anyone got any contacts?


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