Self Care – Rey Palpatine: Star Wars Theory (YouTube Video)

Another Star Wars idea I’m apparently late to…


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    I think it is hereditary sort of, but through the force, not genes. And you don’t have to actually *be* on the dark side just because you were born into it (see: Luke Skywalker).

  2. keithb says

    Except Luke was conceived while Anakin was still on the fence. He didn’t totally darth-out until about the time Luke and Leia were born.

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    It should be noted that Lucas originally planned for Annakin Skywalker to have been “engineered” by Palpatine via Force manipulation of midichlorines, so, in a sense, Lucas intended for Palpatine to be Annakin’s creator, or “dad”. If this is still actually canon, then Luke being conceived before Annakin completely turned is a meaningless distinction.

    And even if the Force-genetic-manipulation thing isn’t canon, there’s still the fact that Luke was very much seduced by the dark side, even if it failed to fully seduce him in the end, which suggests that the dark and light sides of the Force can be “inherited”, in a sense… maybe…

  4. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    @Jess: Everything of importance in Star Wars is genetic. “Princess” Leia, anyone? Political power is passed down through families even in those cases when elections are, in fact, held. (This is true on Naboo, where we know the queen is elected, but we also know that the title runs in families. It’s not clear to me if these are even opposed elections, or if an heir is determined and then the people vote up or down to accept the heir.)

    Power in the force also runs in families. In a broader sense, this is true of different species: one generation develops a force sensitivity, the future generations of that species inherit it. Perhaps these are species that faced disaster and those who were strong in the force disproportionately survived. We don’t know the how of it, but we know that some species have particular force-related strengths (or immunities). What do all members of a species have in common? The genetics they’ve inherited.

    Finally, as you’ve already mentioned, evil runs in families. The genetics (or whatever inherited features) that make it more likely for a person to have a stronger or weaker connection to the force also makes that connection to be stronger or weaker to one particular side of the force.

    There is very little in Star Wars that is not weirdly worshipful of the idea that people are born to their places in the galaxy: honored or outsider, powerful or powerless. People may live in poverty, may live as outcasts for some portion of their lives, but if born to the wealthy and powerful, their parentage destines them for more. I know it’s my privilege living in a wealthy country, but of all the annoyances in Star Wars, I find this less annoying only than Lucas’ gender systems.

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