Agent Orange Wants to Cut the TSA, Coast Guard, and FEMA to Boost Border Security

From the New York Times

The Trump administration is considering deep cuts in the budgets of the Coast Guard, the Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Emergency Management Agency as it looks for money to ratchet up security along the southern border, according to a person familiar with the administration’s draft budget request.

The goal is to shift about $5 billion toward hiring scores of additional agents for Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as well as toward infrastructure to support a crackdown on illegal immigration at the border. A significant portion of the money would go toward erecting a wall along the border with Mexico, one of President Trump’s signature campaign promises.

To fund those efforts, though, the plan would seek significant reductions in other areas, including a 14 percent cut to the Coast Guard’s $9.1 billion budget and 11 percent cuts to both the T.S.A. and FEMA. The three agencies have played high-profile roles in the Department of Homeland Security’s post-Sept. 11 security architecture.

So… I really have to be honest…

I’m not too fussed about the cuts to the TSA. It’s a generally accepted fact at this point that the TSA is completely useless. Frankly, I’d rather it just be gone entirely. I can understand the increase in airport security immediately after 9/11, but we’re 16 years out and what has that increased security netted other than longer, infinitely more frustrating security lines at airports, demoralized travelers, and a holy hell of a lot of racial profiling?

I think it’s far past time that we get rid of the TSA entirely and get back to pre-TSA airport security lines.

As for FEMA and the Coast Guard, however… that simply isn’t good. Both organizations actually do good, unlike the TSA, and they’re budgets are already constrained to begin with.

But Bankrupt Cheeto just isn’t going to give up on that ridiculous border wall. And let’s be honest… he just thinks the US should have its own Great Wall, because he’s jealous of China’s…


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    History says:
    “Congratulations and thanks to Brownie on doing such a great job in this time of disaster”

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