Great Guitar Solos – Nirvana Plays Aero Zeppelin

Oh! Hello! How is everyone? Are y’all all right?

I’m better. Still angry, still fighting, but… better.

Decided that it was time to clear out the cobwebs and start this one up again.

This time around it’s… yes… Nirvana. Nirvana holds a rather special place in my heart. Before Nirvana, I pretty much listened to children’s music, boy bands, and mainstream pop crap. Then a friend introduced me to Nirvana, and that changed literally everything for me in terms of how I listened to music. Sure, Led Zeppelin’s my all-time favorite band, but they wouldn’t be if not for Nirvana.

We’re starting back up with the solo from their song Aero Zeppelin. It starts at 3:14 and ends at 3:44.


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