The Rights of the Un-conceived as a Forgotten Mission Field

As the American Religious Civil War (ARCW) cooks along, the body count increases. Major damage has been done by the forces of un-reason.

The Creation Museum, in Kentucky, continues to draw great throngs who gape at fantasy and marvel at myth made fact. Laws are being passed that require public schools to teach religious doctrines as science.

With the resources of the planet being strained to extinction, with overpopulation inexorably working at choking out civilization, and with the very planet itself warming in consequence of madness in the use of what remains, the Catholic Church (hereinafter CC), and lesser religions, persists in getting laws passed making their mythology, that every product of human conception must be retained and nurtured, the reality of all. The Law, by dog.

Some make this madness a centerpiece of their political propaganda.

And it is working.

Hospitals, dedicated to providing life sustaining care are forced by canon law made civil law to deny contraceptive information and useful products to women who want to have sex without the possibility of conception. Such an idea is anathema to the CC. Sex is per se wicked and sinful, the only excuse for which being the chance that a pregnancy will result as the fruits of the sin of the flesh. Then sex is okay.

Such a threshold excludes, by its very nature, same sex sex, condomed sex, oral sex, coitus incompletus, masturbation (spilling one’s seed upon the ground—Bible by God), and anything else that might somehow give one sexual release, and (dog forbid) pleasure, without having associated with the unclean act the possibility of pregnancy. Pleasure is never enough excuse. Reason, and sound ethical judgment, must yield to the demands of celibate men who rape children.

All fertilized human female eggs are “persons” within the meaning of the laws proposed by those who would have their supernatural belief system made our law.

This type of irrational thought might best be met with blasphemy.

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This goes nicely with your author’s

The rapidly developing ethical and legal environment to sustain this kind of nonsense is well under way. Voters and legislators are threatened with divine repercussions by the Church if they do not vote as instructed by the Church.

There are doubtless legal questions that will be occasioned by the newly emerging religion-compelled reality.

Let us say court cases arise in the future, as they will, that may have at their center the true age of a person. Perhaps the age of drinking, driving, consent, enlistment, marriage, contract signing, joining the Girl Scouts, starting school, gun buying, etc. will be impacted in ways not yet anticipated. “Judge, he/she is not 10/15/17/20, or whatever, years old. The nine months, more or less, when the person was in the womb must be calculated and added to the incorrect birth age.” And so it must. After all, if a person begins at conception, by law, must not the law figure the age of the person from the moment of conception, not from the moment of birth? It is truly a pregnant question.

Yet, a more profound ontology emerges. Why must our understanding of “personhood” be constrained by the arbitrary selection of conception as the beginning of that status?

Must we not consider the rights of the unconceived?

Are humans denying life to other potential humans by just saying “no?” Of course they are. And it is a shame and a blot upon the very concept of personhood. A potential person must be considered a kinetic person. The theology and logic of this is inescapable.

A girl or woman, aged at least 17 years plus nine months, more or less, who does not put out without protection in the back seat of a Chevy, or wherever, is actively, and deliberately, denying life to the unconceived. The criminal laws must deal with this ungodly refusal.

Here is your author’s early take on this flowering phenomenon:

This is truly a much neglected mission field. Perhaps believers should go out, two by two, to encourage the consummation of lust wherever and whenever it may arise.

Then can the faithful proclaim, “God says it. I believe it. And that’s that, said the grammarian.”

© 2012 by Edwin Kagin.

I Know as Much About God as the Pope Knows About God, Part III.

Before we travel any further down this rabbit hole, it should be expressly understood that I have no animosity whatsoever against any member of the Catholic Church (CC), wish them no harm, and indeed would defend their rights to believe as they wish against all attempts to repress them. If I had been around during Revolutionary War times, I would have sided with the Catholics against those who discriminated against their rights to believe as they wished. I view individual Catholics as victims of a power that is probably largely unknown to them.

The problem is the church itself and its hierarchy.

Here is the basis for my claim that the CC is trying to take over our government and laws. They have become a bit bolder of late, what with some loyal Catholics on the U. S. Supreme Court. And because of court decisions that have let them take little inches that they quickly gobble into claimed miles.

The Vatican is a sovereign state. It has its own embassy in our country and in many other countries. The United Nations has recognized the Vatican as a country. Even has its own army. The instructions come from the Vatican, in Rome, headed by “His Holiness” the Pope. Also called the Holy See.

From Rome come the orders of the church. And Catholics everywhere are expected to follow those orders. The Vatican, from its enclave in Rome, Italy, creates and sends forth cardinals, archbishops, bishops, and priests.

And to the sisters, the brides of the Christ, the orders of the male chain of command are conveyed. The power of the church, and the blissfully growing conflict between sisters and their male superiors who get orders from the Pope, is just now, once again, reaching a crisis point. A group of Catholic authorities will watch over these sisters and monitor them for evidence of any deviation from doctrine. Don’t know what the penalty would be today. Just a few years ago, it was death by being burned with fire, while chained to a stake. The reason for burning people was the biblical injunction against the spilling of blood. Burning, they reasoned, did not spill blood. Therefore it was okay, approved by god, punishment for wrong thinking.

Certain sisters are, at this writing, in trouble because they are not toeing the party line of the CC on issues of women becoming priests, and on birth control and family planning. These same sisters want to educate women, and to arm them with birth control and sexual information that they can use to get past the morality police of the CC.

The clash between the proclaimed requirements of their god, and the needs of many women to obtain proper reproductive information, and the refusal of the CC to provide lifesaving, critical medical information to a woman citizen because the church forbids it is clear enough, and shows the power of the CC over our Constitution, that the CC has chosen to make inferior to the CC and to the will of their Pope. The church, not the state, is thought by many of our fellow citizens to be the ultimate control over how women of the church dress, breed, and become educated. This control, these orders, emanates from his Eminence the Pope, and is introduced down the line to believers. Pope gives them to the archbishops who see to it that the latest doctrine gets to the bishops, and thus on down to the most humble priest, who shares it with his flock.

And the Pope seems to think that this is all the will of a god. But I know as much about that god as the Pope knows about that god, and I tell you that that god is not real and that the rules attributed to that god are actually rules of the CC, made up over a period of almost 2,000 years by people who have said, and are saying, that they speak for the god, and that they alone can pronounce the will of the god for humans.

In selling this mythology, the CC can get away with some remarkably unconstitutional behavior.

The CC is openly, and brazenly, attempting to influence the votes, the elections, and the laws, of the United States.

The CC has a non-profit status in this country as a result of its agreement to not attempt to influence the politics, laws, and policies of our country; a country gracious enough to let the CC in with a tax-exempt status. The CC does not have to pay taxes on property owned by the CC. We have to pay taxes on property we own, but the CC does not.

American cardinals, archbishops, bishops, priests, nuns, and sisters are agents of the Vatican in Rome, Italy. The Vatican is the world headquarters of the CC. After the Christian church had overwhelmed other religions in power at the time in ancient Rome, they built their headquarters on a place called Vatican Hill, previously dedicated to the god Mithras. They are still there. And they are dispensing orders to be followed by the chain of command. The CC is actively engaged in political activity in this and other countries.

The clergy of the CC tell their parishioners, from the pulpit, and in printed tracts, whom to vote for and whom not vote for. The criteria for the unlawful endorsements is whether or not a given law, or right, is supported by the Vatican.

The CC is also now telling elected legislators, and those seeking such offices, how to vote. It is unlawful to use threats to attempt to force a member of the Congress to vote as you wish. While the threats of excommunication, and being sent posthumosly to hell, might be less significant to our readers than having their Book of the Month Club memberships cancelled, they are designed to force compliance from faithful CC members who are in office or who are running for office.

It is incorrectly said that for every legal wrong there is a remedy. However, there are laws that could stop these abuses. If the government obeys those laws, that is.

The CC, and all of its agents attempting to influence our votes and our representatives’ votes, should be subject to extant federal laws requiring all agents of foreign principalities attempting to influence our laws to register as foreign lobbying agents. Do you reckon that all of the politically active clerics are so registered?

Threatening a legislator with eschatological consequences for not voting as he should, for not doing as told, should be a crime. According to Wikipedia, “The Oxford English Dictionary defines eschatology as ‘The department of theological science concerned with ‘the four last things: death, judgement, heaven, and hell.”” Those are some pretty heavy things that believers have to worry over. Imagine the effect on a voter, or on a legislator, who believes the CC is right and has the power to affect, through their god, the situs of one’s immortal soul. Could scare the hell out of them. And make them do as the CC wishes. That is coercion and it is a crime.

Then let us also require those who would influence our laws and our elections to pay taxes. The CC has forfeited their tax exempt status by its behavior. If, given the choice, do you reckon the CC will pay their taxes or stop their behavior?

Two thousand years of their history should answer this question.

© 2012 by Edwin Kagin

Letter to Legislators (as Proposed by Edwin) on “Student Expression of Religious Viewpoints” Bill

Dear (insert title and name),

I cannot tell you how delighted we were to learn of the STUDENT EXPRESSION OF RELIGIOUS VIEWPOINTS bill now under consideration by the __________ (fill in the state) legislature. Let me tell you why.

For some years now there has existed in the State of _________ a “by invitation only” highly secret society composed of students in the public schools who are within the top 1% of the student population as measured by intelligence and school achievement. We are fully aware that none of our members are in the ________ legislature. This is as expected. As would also be expected, persons of the required intelligence and achievement level necessary for membership in our society (which must remain unnamed) universally reject the primitive mythology of the Christian religion.

The proposed bill will permit these splendid and brilliant young people, in the words of the new law, to “express their beliefs about religion in homework, artwork, and other written and oral assignments free from discrimination based on the religious content of their submissions.” Further, this remarkable piece of legislation will protect the expression of “the student’s perspective on purpose, achievement, life, school, graduation, and looking forward to the future.”

Thank you from all of us. We support and praise this legislation that we had doubted would ever even be proposed, much less passed. Already, some of our members and alumni are preparing discussion topics and graduation speeches in reliance upon this outstanding law. Overwhelmingly, you can expect to hear from our members as they speak and produce art from positions of leadership and achievement within their respective schools. Here are just a few of their topics:

“Masturbation Techniques for Boys Not Dating Catholic girls.”
“The Flying Spaghetti Monster–The Twin Meatballs of his Pastafarian Noodleness.”
“Clitoral Resection as a Means to Female Holiness.”
“Burkas for Men–A Plea for Gender Equality.”
“Homoeroticism and Gratification thru Sexual Pain in the Cinematography of Mel Gibson.”
“Free Love and Eroticism in Primates as a Model for Teenage Sexuality.”
“Religious Crime as a Viable Career Option.”
“In Praise of Pedophilia within a Celibate Priesthood.”
“Cannibalism and Child Sacrifice as Foundational Sacraments of Christian Perversions.”

These few samples represent only a few of the less controversial topics we can look forward to in our schools once your protective legislation has been passed into law.

Now, if you would only reconsider the age of consent. Just joking.

Thank you.


Edwin Kagin © 2012