Mexico! 🎉

(via e-mail breaking news alert):

Mexico decriminalizes abortion, a dramatic step in the world’s second-biggest Catholic country

The [Mexican] Supreme Court’s decision makes Mexico the most populous country in Latin America to permit the procedure. The ruling comes as Texas, just across the border, tightens restrictions. The decision reflects activism by a powerful feminist movement, as well as concern about women dying or suffering harm from illegal abortions.

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While this Republicans (politicians and citizens alike) become more like the Taliban every day, a “powerful feminist movement” in Mexico has succeeded in moving the needle in the opposite direction. And they did so by centering those who are dying and being maimed by illegal abortions – a terrible price to pay for the living to obtain the basic human right to bodily autonomy.

But it’s just not “civil” to discuss such ugliness in polite society! We simply must keep the discourse around abortion rights calm, reasoned and as removed from reality as possible, as we sit around discussing abstract concepts like “choice” over tea. Because that’s really been working so well for us! [/snark]

Wasn’t I just ranting about this very thing on Sunday? Why, yes! Yes I was!

And I said:

The only thing “civil” attempts at persuasion accomplish is allowing sadistic misogynists to continue pretending that picture [of Geraldine Santoro taken in 1964 by police who found her dead after a botched attempt at self-aborting] does not capture exactly what they are doing.

I wonder how many (more) unnecessary deaths and senseless maimings it will take for U.S. Republicans to reverse course? It seems we will also need a powerful feminist movement. More powerful, even, than the Catholic Church in Mexico.

Anybody got one of those lying around?


  1. StonedRanger says

    I dont think there is any number of deaths of women that will make the republicans change their minds. We had half a million dead and they nearly re elected the horrible person responsible. The whole ‘pro life’ thing is nothing but a horrible scam thought up and executed by horrible people.

  2. L.Long says

    Death of women would never change a rePUKEian mind. But what if a large group of women wore swim suits in a protest march BUT…wear chastity belts and locking bras!! But then rePUKEian males have a hard time getting real women to even notice them much less have anything to do with them.

  3. StevoR says

    @ ^ L.Long : Two words : Lysistrata

    & Clytemnestra.

    Maybe their strategies being adopted by Qpubliqon taliban (& for that matter taliban Taliban) wives might have some impact?

    Of course, that won’t always be possible and could have some terrible consequences but at this point…

    Incidentally hyper-Catholic (or formerly so?) Ireland among others has also legalised abortion as I guess most folks already know but might be worth reminding?