1. Sean Boyd says

    We’re stuck with Denny Heck for now out here in the 253 (Tacoma, Washington, commonly known in Seattle as the butt-end of Seattle. Fuck Seattle anyway.) He’s not running for re-election, fortunately…I’ve voted reluctantly for him in the past because his opponents have generally been awful. Heck has held his job (IMO) largely on his pandering to the military-industrial establishment and his generic Democrat faux-progressivism, which plays well around here and in the state capitol, which is part of our district. We’ve also got JBLM as part of the WA 10th…massive combined Army/Air Force facility, and a big economic driver in Pierce County, and he knows it.

    I want an AOC type of representative…we’ve Beth Doglio running in our primary who is close in policy stances, but knowing this area, I worry she doesn’t have much hope of moving on to the general election. Unless my vote suddenly became super-powerful, anyway.