SIGNAL BOOSTING: Crip Dyke in Portland.

I have been viewing reports of the federal response to protests in Portland, Oregon with mounting horror, terror, disgust and rage. My sources have been mainly mainstream media reports, as well as emails/social media posts from Democratic congresscritters and Democratic-allied NPOs. Of course all my sources – actually, all sources – have built-in biases and agendas; some I tend to agree with at least on certain issues, and some I do not.

If only I had a connection to someone reporting from ground zero in Portland, someone I trust implicitly, and who I know for a fact shares my social justice perspective and leftist values! Wouldn’t that be fucking amazing?! Well it’s Christmas in July here, people! My brilliant and righteous FreethoughtBlogs colleague (and longtime friend) Crip Dyke is there now, posting updates and pictures to her blog Pervert Justice.

Not only am I eagerly reading them, I am sharing them here so you can easily read them too. Here is what we’ve got so far, and I will make every effort to keep updating.

I am in Portland. I am acting.

Pictures from Portland

A few more pics from Portland

I have questions, Marriott and Enterprise.

99% of Portland Moms “Not angry, just disappointed”

The chaos of tear gas

The Story of July 21: Three offensives

Please spread these posts as far and wide as you are willing and able.


One of my aforementioned sources whose messaging on this issue (and others) I find particularly spot-on is VoteVets. On Monday they released this ad, and it ran for the first time nationally on Morning Joe today.

If you “enjoyed” that one, this one’s worth a watch too:


Via The New York Times email briefing 🙄: “Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and other conservative pundits have seized on the Portland protests as a pro-Trump rallying cry.” Because of course they have. They’re textbook authoritarian bullies who openly hate democracy, and are pants-pissing terrified of everyone not exactly like them in body and mind.



THIS JUST IN via The Washington Post email briefing 🙄🙄:

Justice Dept. inspector general to examine federal law enforcement’s clashes with protesters in Portland and D.C.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced Thursday he has opened an investigation into the use of force by U.S. marshals in Portland, Ore., and will review federal agents’ conduct at protests there and in Washington, D.C., in recent months.

Mr. Horowitz’ days as Justice Department IG are over in 3…2…1…



Trump sends more agents to cities

The Trump administration says it will send hundreds of additional federal agents into cities to confront a rise in violence. The plan calls for sending about 200 more agents to Chicago, 200 to Kansas City, Mo., and 35 to Albuquerque.

You’ve already seen the preview: the show is coming soon to a theater near you!


  1. Ridana says

    Thanks for posting those VoteVets ads. Those are fire. I wonder if active military will be allowed to even see them.