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imageNew York State Capitol building.
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The city of Albany, New York and its surrounding area is the third most populous metropolitan region in the state and 38th in the country. Over a million people live in the Capital District alone. The Capitol building is recognized as one of the most beautiful state houses in the nation, but it has an ugly side: it has long been home to the most dysfunctional and corrupt legislature in the country. Although pundits prefer euphemisms like “conservative Democratic political machine,” the entire scam is actually run by the Squirrel People, along with their BFFs and natural allies among Dick Cheney’s Lizard People. It should surprise no one that leading up the recent New York primary, the Squirrel People of Albany were loyal campaigners for Hillary Clinton; she was (and is) supported by every name brand Democratic politician in the state. Albany’s Times Union, the largest local newspaper in the region, endorsed her. Clinton won the New York primary handily by about 15 points, collecting 139 of the state’s delegates to Sanders’ 108.

Interestingly, Sanders beat Clinton in the Albany metropolitan region by almost 7 points—but Albany’s Times Union didn’t report it.

The Times Unionarticle posted on the night of the primary didn’t mention Sanders’s victory at all. Instead, the article, headlined “Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton win in New York,” gave the impression of a Clinton and Trump sweep. “New York,” it proclaimed, “turned out to be the state where the presidential front-runners regained their mojo.” Although the article devoted a good deal of attention to the activities of primary voters in the capital district, it somehow omitted reporting on whom they had voted for.

An updated version of the article appeared the following day in the Times Union, after the five counties’ boards of election had posted the election results online. By this time it was clear that Sanders, though losing heavily to Clinton in the New York City metropolitan region, had defeated Clinton in most other areas of the state. This included not only the 20th Congressional district, but the neighboring 19th and 21st which, all together, provided Sanders with 11 delegates to Clinton’s 7. Even then, however, the writers of the article could not quite bring themselves to say that, in the capital region, where almost all the Times Union’s readers lived and voted, Sanders had won. Instead, they confined themselves to declaring that “Sanders performed well in the more rural regions of upstate―and in the Capital Region.” With a headline this time proclaiming “Big home-state wins boost front-runners,” the article once again left readers with the impression that Clinton had been victorious in the newspaper’s locale while, in reality, the clear victor was Sanders.

On the night of April 22, three days after the presidential primary, seven words buried at the very end of a Times Unionblog finally let slip the fact that Sanders had won in the 20th Congressional district.

Two thoughts:

1 – I wonder whether anyone is digging into other heavily populated regions in the country and finding that this is the case.

2 – Our Free Press® informs our awareness at least as much by what they don’t tell us as by what they do.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    … the most dysfunctional and corrupt legislature in the country.

    Hey, now.

    Have you taken a good hard look at, say, Baton Rouge? Oklahoma City? Providence? Tallahassee? Phoenix? …?

    The competition for the title you so blithely award remains seethingly fierce.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    I stand corrected. Albany at the least deserves a slot in the national finals.

    From yr 1st link: Having the top leaders in both chambers face criminal charges in the same session is an unparalleled achievement.

    Yabbut not that long ago Alaska had its entire congressional delegation under criminal indictment (each for individual peccadillos), and even now Alabama has a governor facing impeachment, a state house speaker under criminal charges, and a state supreme court chief justice suspended for (very well founded) allegations of unconstitutional bigotry.

    With such an abundance of specimens, the US really needs a solid rating system for competitive corruption.

  3. moarscienceplz says

    The Capitol building is recognized as one of the most beautiful state houses in the nation

    Well, if beautiful is a synonym for “symmetrical” i’d agree, but it looks to me like a cross between a penitentiary and one of Mad King Ludwig’s castles. If any Batman movie is location scouting for Arkham Asylum, I know where I’d point them.