Present Company Excepted: When corporations beat education

I just watched Beau of the Fifth Column’s latest video on the Supreme Corrupt‘s “decision” to end Affirmative Action. He attacks ‘legacy’ admissions, which are the people actually stealing places at universities from the more deserving.  After watching, however, I had a thought that he didn’t touch on.  It’s a point he had made himself before, so it’s odd that he left it out.

He previously said that US businesses and corporations are catering and advertising to LGBTQIA people, that they understand it’s good business.  They do it even when corrupt republican “laws” on the books encourage and protect bigotry.  These companies are admitting which side of history is going to win.

The same goes with education.  Young people want an equitable society, and that includes educational opportunities.  US colleges and universities should behave the same way as multinational corporations.  Ignore the Supreme Corrupt, and keep Affirmative Action as policy anyway (along with ending “white affirmative action”, aka “legacies”).  Educational institutions should be doing the same as businesses, telling government that diversity matters.  One would think that “not for profit” would lead the way on this, not for-profit businesses (which are usually owned by conservatives).