Well Deserved: Dr. Anthony Fauci wins AHA award

The American Humanist Association has named Anthony Fauci their Humanist of the Year.

He united and represented people, was the only person in Cheetolini’s white house to walk out with an intact reputation, and his efforts likely saved millions of lives and people’s health.  Was there a better choice?


  1. tardigrada says

    Well deserved. Especially fitting in German where AHA as an acronym stands for Abstand, Hygiene, Alltagsmaske (distance, hygiene, community mask).

  2. theworstelephant says

    Fauci lied about the effectiveness of masks at the start of a deadly epidemic, as part of a brain-genius attempt to try to keep people from buying up N95 masks. We’ll never know exactly how many people he got killed, but it was a lot!