Look Back: The best and worst parts of 2020 for me

I’ve seen people in various places summing up their thoughts on the year.  I thought with all that’s happened in one of the most frantic and tumultuous years, it would take pages and pages.  Nope.

The best part of 2020: Finding out who my friends are.

Every year always has its ups and downs friends and enemies, thinking fact checkers and ignorant rumour mongers. I knew who were the people I could count on, and they both stood by me and stood behind me, watching my back.

What surprised me was finding out certain people I didn’t know also had my back.   It turns out that showing up and helping unconditionally when others need it pays off.

The worst part of 2020: Finding out who my friends are.

Have you ever found that some who talk about social justice actually mean “socially, just us”?  Unsurprisingly, the ones I’ve seen were all white and cis.

It’s disappointing to learn some are “all for and support Me Too, Believe Women, LGBTQIA rights, and oppose racism!”

Until it conflicts with their personal friendships, that is.  Then their “friends” take priority – some of those “friends” being harassers, abusers, racists and bigots.

And while I knew it was a real thing, until 2020 I never knew what survivor guilt felt like.  Now I’m starting to understand.