Santayana Revisited: Did she forget history, ignore it, or is she trying to repeat it?

Most know George Santayana’s quote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  I have a corollary: Those who ignore the past are trying to repeat it.  And Pauline Hanson lives down to that.

Australia’s resident loudmouthed lout is infamous and well known for both being a racist and a TERF, two facts she’s willing to display at the drop of a hat.  Now you have to wonder if she is just ignorant of Australia’s racist past of Stolen Generations, or if she wants to repeat it.  Most likely, the latter.

Pauline Hanson Says Transgender Kids Should Be Taken Away From Their Parents

In an online gathering of hard-right commentators, Australian Senator Pauline Hanson said parents who believed their child might be transgender should have their children taken away them, OutinPerth reports.

Hanson appeared on Pellowe an online political discussion program alongside others such as Queensland MP George Christensen and a spokesperson from the Australian Christian Lobby.

Hanson said parents who take their children to the doctor and believe their children are transgender are “bloody idiots” and “need their heads read”.

[. . .]

Hanson said she believed parents who wanted a child with the opposite gender brainwashed them into thinking they are trans.

Is Hanson stupid enough to “think” the growing number of Transgender people is due to parents forcing it on kids? Probably.

The breeding pair wanted me reindoctrinated into the catholic cult by force when they learnt I was always an atheist. I can imagine them doing worse had they learnt my sexual orientation and later my Transitioning. I know the violence they perpetrated for other things, so I can easily picture them doing worse.

I hope I’m not being flippant or dismissive of Indigenous Australian people’s experiences when I say this would be a Stolen Genderation.

My Genderation

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