Worshipped And Disposed Of: It’s not just for the military

Deborah Gatewood was a nurse at the Farmington Hills hospital in Detroit. In March, while treating patients suffering from COVID-19, she developed a cough and symptoms.  Her employer sent her home.

Gatewood asked the hospital for a test and treatment.  The hospital refused her both, and told to her leave.  They left to die in her home, putting her family at risk.

Beaumont worker turned away 4 times with COVID-19 symptoms before dying

For 31 years – Deborah Gatewood wore the Beaumont badge doing blood draws at the Farmington Hills hospital.

So, in the third week of March when she started coughing with a fever it is where she turned for help.

“They sent her home saying you are showing signs of COVID,” said Kaila Corrothers, her daughter. “So they were confirming that she most likely had COVID, but they did not test her.”

Her daughter, Kaila marked in a calendar the days her mom went to ER. She says her mom was sent home four times – with cough medicine and told to rest. Each time, the fever got higher and the symptoms worse.

Her own hospital employer kicked her onto the street and denied her medical care.  “Essential workers” in the US are treated just the military:

  • Empty platitudes and phony hero worship
  • Insufficient equipment to do the job
  • Underpaid and overworked while profiteers get rich
  • Left to die and abandoned when no longer useful to the machine