Schadenfreude Felt: I wonder what Winnie The Pooh will say now

Winnie the Pooh (a/k/a Xi Limping, as he limps from one crisis to another) has manipulated the WHO and UN to prevent Taiwan from having information on COVID-19.  Taiwan has been getting information third hand from the US’s CDC.

The mass murdering regime in Beijing continues to fumble, mishandle and make the coronavirus situation worse.  Prisons in three different provinces have reported at least 500 cases of COVID-19.  Given the dictatorship’s attitude towards human rights (“you are property of the state and disposable”) and the appalling conditions in China’s prisons, I doubt they will receive any medical care.  I would not put it past them to lock the doors and leave everyone to die.

On Friday, came the first sign of hope: a company named Adimmune has announced they are developing a vaccine based on the COVID-19 virus.  Care to guess which country Adimmune is based in?  Click to read more….

The city of Taichung, in Taiwan.  I wonder what Winnie The Pooh will say now.

Adimmune eyes COVID-19 drug

By Kao Shih-ching  /  Staff reporter

Adimmune Corp (國光生技) on Thursday said it is developing a COVID-19 vaccine in cooperation with the National Health Research Institutes, and plans to run animal tests in the second quarter if its research proceeds smoothly.

The Taichung-based firm has been working to develop the vaccine utilizing its recombinant protein technology since acquiring a genetic sequence from the US Centers for Disease Control last month, Adimmune spokesman Pan Fei (潘飛) told the Taipei Times by telephone.

As the virus’ sequence reportedly evolves and appears different in separate regions, the company is attempting to determine whether the difference is considerable enough to affect the efficacy of a vaccine, Pan said.

“Though the novel coronavirus’ genetic sequence is 70 percent similar to that of the SARS virus, it is still not easy to make the vaccine,” he said.

Earlier this month National Taiwan University managed to isolate the virus strain of COVID-19, and Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp (高端疫苗) on Monday said that it expects to conduct clinical tests for its vaccine in the second half of this year.

A tiny part of me would love to see Taiwan’s government hold China over a barrel (“no independence, no anitgens!”) but most of me just wants to laugh in their faces.  Tsai’s government isn’t the type to withhold it for political gain.