Dig Deeper: The back story of the DC Sniper is fascinating

I was recently pointed towards a podcast called “You’re Wrong About”, and their episode on the Beltway/DC Sniper shootings of 2002.  The episode is 110 minutes long, but worth listening to.

It wasn’t “domestic terrorism” and had nothing to do with islam. It was “domestic violence” (aka Intimate Partner Violence) and everything to do with a custody dispute.

Mildred Muhammed, ex-wife of John Allen Muhammed, is a fascinating and heroic person.

US police proved themselves incompetent once again.  If they had taken IPV seriously, the seventeen victims would still be alive.

And the first victim of the DC Sniper is the most important, overlooked because no one wants to examine IPV seriously.  The story of the shootings is eerily reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s book, “The A.B.C. Murders”.


  1. TGAP Dad says

    Based on your description, I downloaded and listened to the DC sniper episode. It’s so deeply disturbing that someone as many red flags as John Muhammad, could victimize the people close to him for so long without ever tripping any safety switches. So on my next round of bingecasting I’ll have you to thank/curse for it.