Laugh So You Don’t Seethe: Why the US won’t allow Mariela Castro to visit

This is the most egregious example of the POTUS is calling the kettle black that I can ever remember.

The US is banning Mariela Castro from visiting the US because…

…wait for it…

  • government officials involved in corruption
  • human rights violations
  • causing a humanitarian crisis in a foreign country
  • interfering with governments of foreign nations
  • causing food shortages
  • causing a public health crisis

The hypocrisy is so thick you need a spatula, not a spoon.

Mariela Castro banned from traveling to US

The Trump administration on Thursday announced the daughter of former Cuban President Raúl Castro who spearheads LGBTI issues can no longer travel to the U.S.

Secretary of State Mike Pompous Clown in a statement said Section 7031(c) of the FY 2019 Department of State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriations Act “provides that, in cases where the secretary of state has credible information that foreign government officials have been involved in significant corruption or a gross violation of human rights, those individuals and their immediate family members are ineligible for entry into the United States.”


“Castro is responsible for Cuba’s actions to prop up the former Maduro regime in Venezuela through violence, intimidation and repression,” he added. “In concert with Maduro’s military and intelligence officers, members of the Cuban security forces have been involved in gross human rights violations and abuses in Venezuela, including torture. Castro is complicit in undermining Venezuela’s democracy and triggering the hemisphere’s largest humanitarian crisis, forcing 15 percent of the Venezuelan population to flee the country and precipitating a food shortage and health crisis of unprecedented scale in this region.”

Unlike Trumplethinskin, Castro takes part in the LGBTQIA parades, though how progressive she actually is on human rights, I don’t know.