Pages Updated: Brain Self Help & Decompressing

Just some housekeeping here!

I’ve added more resources to the Brain Self-Help tab at the top of the page. Links are intended to provide resources for when you cannot access therapy, want to try something on your own time, or just find that therapy isn’t helping in the ways you want it to. The Anxiety and Depression sections have been combined (because most of the resources applied to both) and a number of books and applications have been added.

Need to decompress? That page has also been expanded, with about eight new fiddly or calming things to do when you really just need to shut your brain up for a few.

Have ideas for either page? Please, please, please comment below. 


  1. intransigentia says

    I just wanted to amplify the signal for the calming hobbies item on your decompression list. Crochet has kept me from self-harming on many occasions, because it keeps both hands busy, and engages at least a bit of brain cycles for counting stitches – cycles that are then unavailable to the jerkbrain. The downside, if you want to call it one: as I’ve gotten better at crochet, it takes harder and harder patterns to take up enough brain cycles to quiet the jerkbrain, and now I’m addicted to lacework.

    • Kate Donovan says

      yes! Incidentally, this is also how I ended up with a scarf that’s about two feet too long. Jerkbrain was being particularly nasty, so I just kept knitting. And knitting. And knitting. Now I have a giraffe-scarf.

      Do you have good suggestions for introductory tutorials? I’ve always learned from friends, so never have good places to send people who want to learn.

      • intransigentia says

        Youtube played a large role, but it’s been long enough that I don’t remember what I searched for or what I found when I searched.

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