In Which Our Narrator Strikes Out On Her Own

Hello, bright and beautiful world.

It’s me, Kate.

And this is Gruntled & Hinged, my Second-Ever Real Actual Blog Home. It’s been more than a year since I blogged by myself, and wow, is this weird.

The lovely FtBorg has kindly given me my own place to write, and so here I am. Many of you, I think, will have stopped by from Ashley Miller’s, where I used to write–and a place I’ve dearly enjoyed. For those new arrivals, this blog will contain multitudes…but most of them will be about psychology and mental health. The title comes from a back-and-forth I had with a friend at Skepticon about prefixes. At the time, I promised him that if I ever had my own blog it would be Gruntled & Hinged. More recently, I’ve been introduced to the relevant Tripod song:

I’m not transferring archives from any previous blog, so you’ll have to give me a few days to settle in. There will be a comment policy, a list of mental health resources, new posts, and a blogroll. Until then, hello! Hi!

Some of my old work from around the internet:
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All credit for the G&H banner goes to William Brinkman, who writes at the Bolingbrook Babbler. Really, I wouldn’t have had any sort of header without him.