Oh My My, Oh Hell Yes

Honey, put on that party dress.  I don’t suggest looking up the music video that goes with those lyrics on yewchoob.  Content Warning: Necrophilia.  Not on this post, just that video.

I like Tom Petty’s hot jams tho.  But if I make this post about music, it won’t help me top all the categories of FtB articles.  I need an article about “Miscellaneous and Meta.”  So, um, I dunno… Weed.  There’s no weed category.  I don’t smoke weed but I like the memes and humor.  Some of it.  By the last Cheech & Chong movie that shit was tired.  Wait, that’s a kind of Art Culture and Humor, just like Tom Petty.

I’ll just say a little about my situation again, today, this morning, 8:52 AM as I type this sentence.  I’ve been having occasional insomnia since something like mid- to late-December.  My job requires brain power and emotional self-control, both of which are impaired by lack of sleep, so I just called in sick.  Awake all night.

I don’t know why this is happening, but both my brother and father are bipolar and this has something like manic features.  But the fact it has only happened in the dark part of the year makes me think it’s possible that’s related.  And I drank a can of Pepsi close to midnight.  But still.

I don’t deserve this, man!  Imma get arrested by the motherfucking Dream Police.  Cheap Trick were right!


  1. brightmoon says

    Sunday night was my time of occasional no sleep. I NEVER had a problem falling asleep when I was younger. Now it’s like once a week insomnia. For Monday I did the same thing. I need to be able to think on my job . So I called in sick.

  2. Bruce says

    Michael Jackson famously drank a Pepsi in a music video.
    Therefore that must be the key to inner peace.
    Just like everyone associates with him.

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