Now *You* Have a Friend in the Diamond Business

Anybody over a certain age from the PNW has some kind of memory of The Shane Company’s dry, dry radio commercials.  I remember he was at the corner of 4th and Stewart, and I remember that slogan: “Now you have a friend in the diamond business – the Shane Company.”  Anyway, they finally gave the bear an English voice in Duolingo and he sounds exactly like those commercials.  No growl, no fun allowed.  I’m annoyed.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    Oh, we in the SF Bay Area were quite familiar with Tom Shane, too. The Shane Company, much like The Mens Wearhouse, was(is?, I only listen to non-commercial radio stations these days) a nationwide chain that merely pretended to be a local mom-and-pop store. George Zimmer made you feel that if you went into a Mens Wearhouse you might well see George himself with a tape measure around his neck and tailors chalk on his coat, although the illusion was spoiled a bit because he had several stores in the area. ShaneCo, IIRC, only had one store in the area, in Cupertino, so it was easier to picture him dashing into the store after his latest trip to Sri Lanka and pulling little bags of gemstones out of secret pockets in his trenchcoat, after he had tossed his fedora onto a nearby bentwood coatrack and dropped his bullwhip onto his oak rolltop desk.

  2. StonedRanger says

    Im more of a Tom Peterson kinda guy. “If you dont come see me today, I cant save you any money”. Yeah right Tom.

  3. StonedRanger says

    Tom Peterson had a marketing model that was sell lots of stuff at a low profit. He advertised mostly after10 or 11 pm and on weekends. He sponsored portland wrestling for decades until he went out of business in the late 80’s. In his ads he would knock on the inside of the TV screen and shout ‘wake up’ at the beginning of his tv ads. It was a portland thing from the 60’s til he went out of business.

  4. says

    The Shane Company is still doing radio ads in the Bay Area. These days, it’s Tom Shane’s son who is the primary huckster, and it’s the jewelry business that you have a friend in. Apart from those things, pretty much the same old spiel.

  5. says

    if u wanna know what his dad sounded like, go on duolingo like you don’t know english and want to learn. when the bear comes up, it has the voice of shane senior. i think it sucks. hey while im remembering ads from childhood, who remembers cal worthington and his dog spot?

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