I gotta post something to bump my last post, since it has a song in my head that I’d rather not be experiencing right now.  Different people have different “palate cleansing” songs.  My bf’s mom uses Ode to Joy.  I’ve found Astro-Zombies by The Misfits is pretty good for me, but not 100% effective.  I think the more familiar I am with the earworm du jour, the easier it is to come right back.  This most recent one I haven’t heard in literal decades, but back when it was new?  Probably listened to it dozens of times.

What do you use to help dislodge and unwelcome song from your brainpiece?


  1. Some Old Programmer says

    I go back to my college years (no real surprise), particularly if it’s a song that has a personal emotional hook. Not that this will necessarily help you, but my first resorts would be “I Melt With You”, “It’s A Sin”, and “Fanfare for the Common Man”. If I need a strong bass line, maybe “Relax”.

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