Exeunt Satans

Motherfucker, I think I ate like a square inch of aluminum with that Chipotle burrito just now. I can’t like, anything maaan.
the "guess I'll die" meme
Apparently I got bone spurs too.  Got one foot in a boot.  My department manager says “You gonna get those things removed?” and I’m like, “Why would I wanna do that?”  If frogs can erupt their bone spurs for intraspecific combat, so can I.

Just… fuck it, man.  Fuck it.


  1. says

    I had a bone spur just below the knee a few years ago, couldn’t kneel without extreme care. It went away all by itself, dunno why. Probably because I stopped leaning against vehicle bumper bars like I used to to work on engines. Have you though of growing your spurs into horns? There’s precedent.

  2. Dr Sarah says

    Bone spurs aren’t normally painful. If it’s pain in the sole of your foot, could be plantar fasciitis, which can be managed with stretching exercises. (This opinion should not replace the opinion of any doctor who has been able to actually see you; it’s a best-guess, not a proper diagnosis.)

    According to anti-vaccinationists, you are probably now going to get brain damage/become autistic as a side-effect of aluminium consumption.

  3. says

    Lofty – That’s right, it’s situational pain. They’re on my feet, so I gotta make like that wolverine clone girl.

    Carto – Fixed it, muha.

    Doc Sar – It was on the upper back of my heel, yeah stretching could help the usual stuff, but the spur scraped the tendon during hyperextension leading to tendinitis so might wanna take it easy on it for a minute. Especially with my incipient autisms.

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