If You Use the Term “Political Correctness”…

If you use the term “political correctness” at all, there’s a pretty strong chance you are a giant fucking asshole. Just seems to be the case, ever since it was popularized by Newt Gingrich’s rethuglicans, circa 199x. Not really meaning to start shit as much as the most recent person to use the term here surely was. If the answer to shitty speech being exercised is not limitation, but more freely exercised speech, then this is that and nothing more.

EDIT TO ADD: Don’t bother commenting, for or against. I’m not having this discussion here. Personally, I’m not having it anywhere, but people are welcome to do what they will on their own platforms and amenable arenas.


  1. clamboy says

    This is not a for or against. I simply wish to recognize your absolutely spot-on Puget Sound passive-aggressive behavior.

  2. says

    Not much call for aggressive aggressive in day-to-day life. That kinda stuff’ll get u fired from the retail chain. I have to admit, I just wanted the sidebar to reflect my values while it was looking sheisty. And as everyone else in the world posted and bumped this off of there, it is an artifact of a lost moment.

  3. says

    I got a “pro” comment and I like people who agree with me on this, but I said I ain’t lettin’ it happen at the moment, and I’m not. Feel free to comment on something else in the future, or comment here about seafood.

  4. quotetheunquote says

    Not much seafood to be had where I live at the moment – it’s not the season for anything on Canada’s East Coast (the nearest salt water), and I have no time at all for the frozen stuff.

    Lake Erie perch will be in season soon, though, I’m looking forward to that.

  5. says

    What’s the diff with frozen vs. fresh then? I don’t eat seafood often enough to notice. Like, this last winter my bro took me to a fish restaurant which was expensive enuf it was probably fresh, and it was fine, but most of my sense of the taste and texture was in the seasoning and breading. Not the most refined palate on me.

  6. quotetheunquote says

    If the fish is not fatty enough, texture does suffer upon freezing; it goes just a bit mushy, and this can negatively affect the whole experience. Also, I think there’s a miniscule loss in taste – a hint of “the sea” – but I think this is something that I only miss because I have had “real” fish in Newfoundland and Vancouver, so I have become aware of it. (This may not apply to high-grade tuna, which (in the form of sushi) I have only ever eaten from frozen; never having had it fresh, I wouldn’t know).

    Nothing wrong with a good fish ‘n chips made from frozen – but the quality of that experience is so much more dependent on batter and temperature.

  7. says

    Sounds like it shall remain beyond my grasp. Sokay tho. Only frozen fish I’ve had recently-ish was some frozen tilapia filets I cooked in the oven, with like, lemon, seasonings, and ton of honey. Again, I’m probs letting flavorings dominate the fish. Even if I wasn’t, not a strong sense of taste. Texture was tolerable tho.

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