Blithe Incitement to Hate Crimes

Richard Dawkins has been a real piece of shit to women, but at least, amid all his glowing approval of internet misogyny, he took time out to say that really for real, he condemns anyone who threatens women. Golly gee, that’s swell of ya.

Meanwhile, someone has taken up a very similar position in the field of being a real piece of shit to trans people, inciting hate mobs through dehumanizing and fear-mongering language while pretending his views are purely about some vaunted moral stance (freeze peach of course, background from Shiv: here, here, here). Jordan Peterson has not, as far as I’ve heard, condemned the doxxing and death threats and assaults perpetrated by his faithful against transgender students, so Dawk is one moral rung up on him.

But then, if he did issue such a condemnation, I’d be unlikely to hear it because I have been avoiding depressing news as much as I can lately. More importantly, the condemnation would do Fuck All to dissuade the violent among his fandom – just as Dawkins’ stern admonition to misogynist abusers was ultimately inconsequential.

I could talk more about that, but I slept less than three hours last night and was on my feet all day workin’ the retail grind. Just, fuck Jordan Peterson and his slimy hateful horseshit.

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