Shaytan e Bozorg

I started calling myself Great American Satan back in the time when all I knew of the Middle East was creepy fundamentalist religion and oil. I had hints of other things in the back of my mind, but they didn’t really come together for a few years.

If you check out the wikipedia page on the phrase, you’ll see the central thrust of the Assholatollah’s speech what that the US conducts itself abroad with imperialism and corruption. In these facts, he was completely fucking correct.  We support dictatorships that make our rich richer, actively use the CIA and their stooges to overthrow sovereign nations that dare to put the well-being of their own people before our corporate profits.  We’re satans in a bad way.

At least some of us are satans in a good way.  I’ve been using the label a while and stand by the sentiment: If you ain’t living your life in a way that would piss off an ayatollah, you ain’t living right. Never pray, never fast, drink what you like, and get busy as much or as little as you desire, preferably with weird body parts and weird people and no weddings in sight.

Let the ladies drive from Mecca to Medina in a convertible covered in truncated shahadas, preferably with their colorful trisexual SJW side-cuts whipping in the wind, taking rest stops to make love with a Salman Rushdie bobblehead-shaped strap on, and piss on hadith booklets.

لا إله


  1. StevoR says

    Well, I’d say fuck yeah, but I doubt you’ll allow me to say it here.

    But yeah, Fuck yeah.

    is that agreement with you Islamophobic?

    PS. I don’t hate Muslims. I pity them – and I don’t want to hurt them I want to see them set free from the bullshit that is Islam and if they’re not hurting others others then fine, they can think whatever they think and believe whatever they think until them swinging their fist s around hits someone else’s nose to cite , I think , Mark Twain. Or was it Samuel Clements? A-n-y-w-a-y .. you’re right here.

  2. StevoR says

    PS. I don’t advocate violence or hate crimes against anyone and I apologise if people have previously taken some of my comments which admittedly went too far in past years as doing such. That’s NOT what I’m about. Not atht I’m perfect at all and never claimed to be so. Think and be kind please.

  3. Great American Satan says

    i don’t have time to parse ur comments, as little time as that would take, but at a glance i see nothing worse than what i wrote. i’ll come back later.

  4. Great American Satan says

    OK, parsed. Yeah, I believe islamophobia is real and a problem, but that criticism including some cutting mockery of islam shouldn’t be counted as such. Situationally. If I said this shit to a nine year old girl outside a mosque, I hope the cops would have the decency to arrest my ass for intimidatin’ babies in a hate crimey way. But if a muslim or faitheist comes to an atheist blog and expects kid gloves for regressive medieval garbage ideas? 😛

    A good guideline for my comments section is to not say things that are untrue, especially overgeneralizations.

  5. Great American Satan says

    Also, I won’t do posts like this often, because I don’t wanna do like Butterflies and Wheels banging a drum 24-7 that feeds the prejudice by skewing perception.

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