Latest On Mabus–16 Charges For Online Threats

Global Montreal reports:

The Montreal man who had been wanted by police for allegedly making online death threats against people all over the world appeared in court on Friday to face 16 charges.

Known online as “David Mabus”, Dennis Markuze of St. Laurent has been charged with uttering death threats and for criminally harassing seven victims.

Two charges were laid against him Wednesday — and an additional 14 were added on Friday.

Markuze has been sent for a 30-day psychological evaluation at Montreal’s Pinel Institute and will appear in court again on Sept. 19.

Also at the link… it is a bit surreal to see a court artist’s rendition of Mabus. They appear to have replaced the sketch with a photo.

Dragon Food

“A blog is like a dragon. You have to feed it all the time and sometimes you get burned”
unattributed quote, collected here by Scicurious. (if you know who, let me know.)

If you want to own a dragon, there’s some things you ought to know
Though they’re cute when really tiny, if you feed them, they will grow—
And it’s fun to feed a dragon—well, it’s really fun at first,
Till you’re bleeding from the bite-marks and the blisters that have burst!
Finding food, at first, is simple, cos it’s laying all around,
And a dragon, when it’s little, eats whatever you have found.
As the months and years continue, dragon-feeding can get tricky,
As it’s eaten all the easy finds and now is getting picky
But you’ve got to feed the dragon, though it’s taking all your time
(And it really doesn’t help, should you decide to feed it rhyme)
All the dragon owners tell you, cos it’s something that they’ve learned,
That no matter how you feed it, there are times that you’ll get burned.

If you see I’ve written something, and you really wonder why…
Well, I have to feed the dragon, or it’s gonna up and die.


As you might ascertain, I woke up this morning with writer’s block. This one is from the old digs.

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

Or not.

I suspect that I am the least well-known of the bloggers making up this new network. The people who spend a bit of time reading the comment threads might know me, but this past April 1st, I spent a day being P. Z. Myers, and found out that the vast majority of readers don’t regularly dive into the comments. So it is entirely possible that there are more people reading my blog today than have ever looked at it in the past 3.5 years.

So, how do I introduce myself?

“Slowly”, I suspect, is the answer. Over the next couple of weeks or so, in addition to doing what I always do (that is, commenting on stuff, in verse), I’ll also post some of my older verses, with a bit of context, so you don’t have to stick around for a whole year to see what sort of Cuttlefish I am.

You will find verses on atheism, on religion, on science and nature, on philosophy, on politics, on current events (well, they were current when I wrote about them), on love. Verses, not poems; I don’t write poetry. I write commentary, that just happens to be in verse. It’s up there in the FAQ at the top of the page.

Anyway, welcome to the new digs, make yourself at home (for those who made the trip from my old blog, you know where the drinks are kept), and have fun. I hope you stick around for a while.