Trump Settles Fraud Ca–Squirrel!!!

The POTUS-elect has been tweeting, repeating
The pure propaganda which spews from the right.
The purpose behind his odd action? Distraction!
His far-larger scandals just vanish from sight!
His fraud case, for instance, just settled; this nettled
The Donald, cos settlements (he says) mean guilt
So Trump tweets of Mike Pence’s booing, construing
It: Democrat daggers plunged right to the hilt

The press, under pressure from deadlines, write headlines
Conveniently blasting the latest offense:
The Trump University ruling is cooling;
What’s hot is the manner that Broadway booed Pence!
So Trump, on his gold-plated shitter, plays Twitter,
The press, and America too, for a chump;
It’s history, made by revision—envision
The product: the gospel according to Trump.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    And in the meantime, nobody shines any light at all on, say, hundreds of refugees drowning in the Mediterranean.

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