A Question For My Readers

I’ve been looking through the archives
(And there’s quite an awful lot)
Of the posts that I remember
And the many I forgot.
There are thousands that I’ve written—
It’s been mostly lots of fun—
But I wonder: are there any
Who’ve read every single one?

Yes, I’ve read them (Hey, I wrote them!)
I’ve read every comment, too!
Might there, somewhere, be another?
(Dare I ask it) or a few?
I’ve been over 8 years writing
And I’ve really had a ball—
But I want to ask my readers:
Any chance you’ve read it all?

Now that I finally have the “related posts” widget up and running at the bottom of each page, I found myself seeing verses I had no recollection of writing. So I click, read, and find myself clicking “previous post” or “next post” (depending on how far back I landed)… and three hours later, wonder why my students’ papers have not gotten graded. I don’t remember being so… prolific, in my early years.

So, have any of you read *all* of it? Most of it? Anyone binge-read from the beginning? If so, how long did it take? (I’m tempted to start a Cuttlefish Challenge, the doggerel version of hiking the Appalachian Trail, with prizes for the intrepid readers who make it all the way through.)

And now, finally, back to grading.

(Oh… unrelated to anything–my twitter deally is @cuttlefishpoet. I am ridiculously close to an arbitrary round number, and have been for a year or so. It’s where I post notice of new posts here, so if you are reading this particular post, you might want to follow. Geez, I hate that term.)


  1. Johnny Vector says

    *raises hand* I remember when you started at ScienceBlogs, after seeing a number of your comments on other blogs there. So if that’s what you mean by “all of them”, then yes I’m pretty sure I’ve read (and enjoyed) them all.

  2. says

    I’ve read you for so many years,
    And save each email that appears.
    Not sure how far the first one goes.
    It seems forever, the record shows.
    A friend brought me to your grand opus
    Of antitheist hocus-pocus,
    A poet’s genius, undiminished,
    Ranting till religion’s finished.
    Versification virtuoso,
    We cheer you everywhere you go, bro,

    — Kate Jones (memehunter), presenter to Cuttlefish of the “other” genius Grant award in 2013

  3. raym says

    Not all, but a great many. I also have a copy of The Digital Cuttlefish, Vol. 1, so I guess I’ve been following for longer than I thought!

  4. Johnny Vector says

    Stupid reconstructive memory process! So where were you before here? It all runs together in my mind.

  5. Johnny Vector says

    Ah right, you had your own un-networked one. Only it was effectively (to me anyway) part of ScienceBlogs, on account of all your comments at PZ’s place.

    In any case, I think I recall your announcement of starting your blog. I am more certain of my memory of laughing at your Eulogy for Gary Aldridge. The Aruba/SCUBA rhyme seems specifically familiar. Since that’s the third one posted at the old place, I feel fairly safe claiming that I’ve read them all. Though how many I would remember on re-reading, I cannot say.

  6. jeffreylewis says

    Well, I started reading some time back when you had the BlogSpot blog, though not from the very beginning. And while I won’t commit to saying I’ve read every single post you’ve made on Free Thought Blogs, it’s been pretty damn close.

  7. Badland says

    I’ve read every post at FtB and occasionally click on Related when it shows a verse I don’t remember

  8. Die Anyway says

    I’m pretty much in the same place as jeffreylewis. Fairly sure I’ve read every post here at FtB and the majority at Blogspot. I actually started my own blog at Blogspot years ago but I don’t maintain it. Too busy following Ed Brayton, Hemant Mehta, PZ, a scattering of other FtB and Patheos writers, as well as my favorite doggerelist.

    Eat well, stay fit, Die Anyway

  9. StevoR says

    Afraid I haven’t but I have read (& loved) a lot of your ones over many years and if I had more time, I’d certainly like to do a read-all-Digital-Cuttlefish-posts-marathon.

    Have you thought of putting together a book perhaps collecting your best ones? I’d love to see and would buy that.

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