Trick Or Treat!

The kids will be done trick-or-treating, and eating
Huge handfuls of goodies, their Halloween haul
The next step, I know, will be crying, denying
The obvious truth, that they’ve eaten it all.
Their guts will be grumbling—no faking the aching
From too many candy bars, eaten too fast
It seems that’s the point of the season—no reason
To learn self-control and make chocolates last

On Halloween, kids Carpe Diem; you see ’em
With no other thought than of seizing the day
Save some for tomorrow? Unheard of! One word of
Advice to “save something” is fast pushed away
But…winter is coming, the darkness, the starkness,
The warmth disappearing along with the sun
We’ll probably think about sorrow tomorrow…
Tonight we can spare a few hours of fun.

The Cuttlekids have long since outgrown trick-or-treating, and in our neighborhood, the kids in the know all head to a newer development about a mile away, where the streets are paved with chocolate, the neighbors compete to outdo one another’s scary decorations, and every house hands out full-sized candy bars. Last year I think maybe six kids came to Cuttlehouse. And I swear, I wasn’t handing out bibles!

This year, I am alone with the dogs, so I’ll probably be the mean old man who keeps his lights off, if only to keep my dogs from having heart attacks as the two or three masked creatures come to the door.

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Wow. I had no idea I had all that.


  1. says

    My favourite poem I’ve ever written was about Hallowe’en…

    All the children, weird and spooky
    Traverse through the chilly night
    Behind their doors the people shiver
    Forgetting to turn off the light

    Hearts beat fast in abject fear
    Sweat beads up on neck and brow
    There is horror in the darkness
    For they know what’s coming now

    The air hangs still as no one breathes
    They listen to the sounds of feet
    And then the young call out to them
    With hollow voices, “Trick or Treat”

    Screams die fast on trembled lips
    Clocks tick down the endless time
    With choking sobs each person cries
    “Go away! The candy’s mine!”

    With morning comes the warming sun
    The people wake as they hoped
    But they find what their greed wrought
    The trees TP’ed and windows soaped

    With this dear friends, a lesson learned
    Do not be wicked for the sweet
    On Hallowe’en they venture forth
    The scary children, Trick or Treat

  2. Cuttlefish says

    I find myself huddling behind drawn curtains with the lights low. Hoping the Cuttledogs don’t get spooked, and wishing I’d know today was trick or treat night in this town when I was at the store earlier.

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