Wait–It’s JesusWeen Already?

I hope you have your bibles, in a big stack by the door
Cos tonight’s the night (it’s JesusWeen!) that’s what those books are for
You can hand them to the costumed kids who plaintively implore
“In the name of Christ the Savior, Trick or Treat”

They’ll be dressed as saints and sinners as they travel through the night
As they spread the word of Jesus, to the neighborhood’s delight
You can offer them some candy, but they won’t accept a bite–
Next to Jesus, nothing else could be so sweet!

Stack of pocket sized bibles

Stack of pocket sized bibles

I forgot it was (or nearly is, depending on your neighborhood) JesusWeen! (which, yes, really is a thing.)

It’s JesusWeen, Charlie Brown!
The JesusWeen Story
Bibles For Trick-Or-Treat!
Blue Roses: A Halloween Poem
Trick or Treat!


  1. says

    Singularly stupid name (makes ‘teabagger’ seem positively sophisticated)

    Altogether kids:
    Jesus has a weiner!
    Jesus has a weiner!
    Jesus has a weiner!…

  2. Pliny the in Between says

    I imagine that the people who insist on trying to ruin the harmless fun of Halloween are some of the same people who complain about the phony war on Christmas.

  3. Tecolata says

    Not sure what is worse, Jesus tracts or a woman I read about today who will hand out flyers fat-shaming children who in her opinion should not have candy.

  4. 24fps says

    You get egged if you hand out tracts, and double eggs for bibles. It’s in the rules of Hallowe’en. You could look it up. :)


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