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I have the world’s worst memory, or so I think someone told me once. Anyway, I very often write stuff which I completely forget I wrote. The good part about that is, I sometimes get a link to something I wrote some time ago, and I get to read it all over again, which most of the time is actually pretty cool. Yeah, sometimes it is embarassingly horrible, but I am actually rather astonished at how often I actually really actually like the stuff I wrote so long ago that I forgot about it. If any of that parses.

I mean, really, if you don’t regularly look through the archives here from years ago, you are missing some really cool things!

Anyway, as I recently noted, Rick Perry has exited, stage right. There is no stage left for Republican candidates; they only know how to move right. Perry is gone.

And I had forgotten! Last time around, the last time Perry had no chance at all (ok, he spent some time in first place, but so did pretty much all of the other losers), I wrote something about Perry and his popular appeal. The man, or so it was popularly believed… told us the truth, as he saw it:

“He tells us the truth as he sees it”
That surely deserves our respect
His view is not sullied by knowledge, or facts,
Or intelligence we can detect.
He’s a church-going, god-fearing Christian
And he’s honest as Sunday is long
There’s nothing that tempts him to change his beliefs
Like the fact that they’re utterly wrong

(yodeling part)

He’s suspicious of climate-change science
Evolution, and the age of the earth
But he’s steadfast and true in his ignorant stance
His resistance to change shows his worth
In hundreds of life-and-death matters
His was always the right choice to make
Though it’s better to execute innocent men
Than admit he could make a mistake

(more yodeling)

See, it just doesn’t pay to be truthful
When consistency makes you look right
If correcting mistakes made you rise in the polls
Then he would. Or he should. Or he might.
But it’s me, and the rest of us voters;
If we checked, then we likely could tell
Still we vote for the one with the prettiest lies
And together, we waltz off to Hell.

(A bit more yodeling)

And together, we waltz off to Hell.

I am just so sad…Perry is out? But…. but… but… he is such a rich vein to mine! And not, by far, the most ridiculous! Ok, fine.

What rhymes with Trump?


  1. Die Anyway says

    re chigau@1

    Take a dump with Trump!
    Donald Trump, he’s our chump.

    Hmmmm… that has some appeal to it. ;-)

  2. raym says

    Mump. I had a mump (yes, for some reason I had a single mump) when I was a littl’un growing up in England, and it was one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced.

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