What’s In Your Food?

The products that we buy today
Are often full of DNA
Consumers must be made aware!
But then may buy them… if they dare!

But surely, though, we need not panic;
At least not when the stuff’s organic
Or natural, which must be good–
When people speak of processed food!

Consumers, though, won’t act as fools,
Unless their food has… molecules!

Context at PZ’s.


  1. Cuttlefish says

    For the record, “good” and “food” are visual rhymes, which counts every bit as much as auditory rhymes.

    So there.

  2. Ketil Tveiten says

    If only you dial back your pronunciation a few centuries, they’re probably auditory rhymes as well. English spelling is actually remarkably phonetic – only to the pronunciation of five to seven hundred years ago.

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