A Little Perspective

On a week where a man is criticized for what he chose to wear in a professional setting, I think a bit of the movie “Ratatouille”…

Perspective... that's what I'm craving.

Let us assume that it is terrible to criticize him for wardrobe, when his job is not being a model but landing a robot on a comet. Then, let us pull the camera back. Is he being treated unfairly? Ok… then who else is?

(TL:DW: Australian news anchors–Man wears same suit for a year, no one notices. Woman gets all sorts of emails criticizing her outfits. CNN finds many other examples of female anchors getting such criticism.)

Apples and oranges, perhaps? When you pull the camera back to get the big picture, it’s all massive groves of trees with little round fruits. And some get criticized all the time, and some get criticized once in a while. If you want equality, you need to acknowledge the big picture, and recognize that what some complain about in one close-up is what is overwhelmingly ignored in another.


  1. kyliesturgess says

    Only the WOMEN’S wear gets whinged about.
    Just needed a little more emphasis.


  2. says

    He probably wore it only on the show, had it cleaned and aired out between shows. So it’s not a whole year. It’s, what, three hours a day? Good material, holds up well, looked just right on him. Quiet, non-descript, good frame for his bright ties and crisp shirts. And how did they know it was the same suit? He could own 8 of them, like Monk.

    What if all news people just wore a uniform, like Mao or Hindu or pirate? Unisex, so no one will gripe. On the other hand, maybe nudism would fix all that and save lots of money.

  3. resident_alien says

    About two years ago, I think, Angela Merkel was visiting two super-important summits/conferences in a very narrow timeframe, literally travelling from one to the other. Something to do with being the Chancellor of the FRG, an economic crisis, people in Greece literally starving- and what did the press about? How she wore the same outfit on two consecutive days!
    I’m not making this up, you know.
    A woman can be a world leader and still get mean-girls-in-highschool treatment.

  4. AkiwiinOz says

    How did they know? Karl announced it. He did it as an experiment to see how long it would take for anyone to notice. And as a demonstration of the different ways he and his female co host are treated.

  5. Cuttlefish says

    In a related experiment, all of my verses since joining FtB have been rehashes of previous ones.

    I mean, seriously, how many ways can you rhyme “God”? Or “love”? Or, I dunno, “boomerang” or “coffee-maker” or “Ron Paul”? It could not be more obvious, I stopped writing about 3 years ago and just trained a dog to stop on computer keys.

  6. Kate Jones says

    How many suits? Depends on how good a lawyer they have.
    On the other hand, Rachel Maddow seems to wear the same outfit all the time. Or doesn’t she count as a woman?

    A well-trained dog may run and romp;
    But on keyboards he would stop and stomp.

  7. Kate Jones says

    I’m having technical difficulties with this site. It doesn’t recognize me consistently as memehunter, so sometimes it lets me in as Kate Jones. Aargh. Also, I’ve paid for an ad-free subscription but don’t get it unless I go through three detours. It didn’t use to be this way. What to do?

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