“It’s Nature’s Law–You Know, Like On Noah’s Ark”

Since the dawn of the world Humanities men mated with women, and women with men… it’s the way of nature. No mention of gay couples surviving the floods on Noah’s Ark, they were left to swim.

That’s what I call sticking the landing. That was a real response (I think) in a thread on marriage (formerly known as “same sex marriage”).

It’s basic, pure, biology; It’s nature’s perfect way.
The ark was cis-het only, so the fossil records say.
In consequence, of course, the flood would kill you if you’re gay—
It’s the oldest law of nature: God commands, and we obey.

The flood, though, was a miracle, or so the stories tell
And the gathering of animals? A miracle as well
And with miracles occurring, nature’s laws can go to hell
So this “way of nature” bullshit is an old, familiar smell.

Is it God, or is it nature, that’s the argument you choose?
In the story of the ark, the two are contradicting views!
Or it’s fiction—thus, irrelevant—then, go ahead, misuse!
You can tell us to obey your god, and we can just refuse!

(And we’ll spare you some embarrassment, explaining kangaroos!)


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