Time To Eat The Dog–The Video

I was delighted, today, to hear from a student from Christ University, in Bangalore. As I have noted before, a bit of my doggerel is included in a textbook used in some English classes in India; these students were tasked with creating a visual interpretation of a poem, and they chose mine.

As I look out my window at snow nearly knee deep, the line “my thermostat’s on ‘chilly'” has a bit of a different meaning than it might in Bangalore–I look at all that beautiful color and (winter person that I am) feel a little longing for the days when I’ll be able to plant my back yard garden again…

With their kind permission, then, “Time To Eat The Dog”:


  1. Al Dente says

    Our very own Digital Cuttlefish has made the big time. His poem is immortalized in an internet video available on YouTube. His life can only go downhill from here.

  2. Bruce says

    It’s nice that you helped all of us to get a friendly and close-up view of Bangalore.

    It’s also good to know that people there share our concern about contributions to global climate change.

    But it should perhaps also be noted that the initial calculations of the impacts of pets and SUVs may not be representative. If I recall, the SUV data came from a study in New Zealand involving some SUVs that mostly only traveled a low number of miles on the ranch. Modern American SUVs that go a long distance on a road will probably use a lot more carbon than a pet.
    Most importantly, thanks for the poetry.

  3. KSturgess says

    WHAT’S the book!?! Can they take a photo of the book it came from, or let you know the title, so you can get a copy? Awesome video!

  4. Cuttlefish says


    I did note that, back in the original posting of the verse (or its first followup–at any rate, one of the links I attached). You are quite right

  5. Mariyam Begum says

    Thrilled! Elated! And mighty surprised!

    Isn’t it warmer than the response we had expected?

    Of course, yes!

    Cheers Cuttlefish! :D

    We owe our moment of glory to you :)

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