I Feel Like A Million

At some point last night, around 3 AM-ish local time, some visitor here ticked over the odometer, and The Digital Cuttlefish experienced its one millionth view.

I rather like the fact that it happened at that hour, because traffic was light, and I can look through the stats and have some idea (but not an exact idea) of the visitor… and the cool thing is, that person could have come from anywhere! Well, not *anywhere*, but at that time, I had visitors from the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, India, the UK, and The Netherlands. I forget, sometimes, that as small as this blog is, I have many more people reading it than I do students in my combined classes, on any given day (except rare days with atypically low readership).

You might remember, a little less than a month ago, Pharyngula hit 50 million views. Since that time (that is, in under a month), PZ has already had more visitors than I have had in all my time here at FtB. FtB, as a whole, has had over 130 million views, so my million views represents less than one percent of the traffic here. I am a very small cuttlefish in a moderately-sized pond.

But some days, like today, you people make me feel like a million.



  1. Pliny the in Between says

    Traffic that is well deserved! It’s quite an accomplishment. At the current traffic, I expect to match this feat in 26.3 years ;)

  2. Cuttlefish says

    I don’t need to *aim* for quality; I already *have* the best commenters on the interwebs, tentacles down.

  3. trucreep says

    Congratulations! Your appearance kinda creeps me out, but your way with words more than makes up for it :] Just…please don’t touch me with a tentacle or anything. Nothing personal :]

  4. says

    Well deserved. It gladdens the heart that such a large number of thinking folk, even allowing for daily repeaters, are active on the Web and in the world. If you had a penny for each visit, oh my. Here’s to the next million.

  5. Silva says

    You’re welcome! This is only my second comment, so I’m obviously not one of your high quality commenters, but I do read quite a bit.

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