National Dog Day

So, yeah, I only found out a bit ago from Mano that it is National Dog Day* here. Knowing that I have written quite a lot about dogs, I thought I’d do the lazy thing and see what sort of dog verse (doggerel?) I could dig up. I’ve written quite a few doggy things, from celebrations of rolling in garbage, to wedding weirdness, to religious metaphors, to sirius serious science… and a verse that is taught in schools in India. (And there is so much more–I keep forgetting how damned much I have written over the years–and a non-trivial percentage of it is actually pretty good.) And then I saw this one. And I cried. And kept crying for quite a bit. So, for National Dog Day, the saddest verse I have ever written.

I hope we did what’s best for you
I know, at least, we tried.
I took you to the doctor
And I stayed there at your side;
I talked with you for one last time
Then held you as you died.
I kissed your head, and said good-bye
And cried
And cried
And cried.

Yeah, well… happy National Dog Day.

* I was supposed to post pictures of my dogs, apparently. Problem is, the cuttledogs are weaponized cuteness, and the internets couldn’t take it.


  1. says

    I loved one dog. None could take her place.
    In the darkened living room I still see her face
    On the couch, her lookout when she was alive,
    And I still cry. She died in ’85.

  2. spike13 says

    You just brought me back to when I had to have my buddy Logan put down…I hate you and love you at the same time….and hate myself more because I realize how long it’s been since I thought of him.
    Thank you.

  3. Nancy New, Queen of your Regulatory Nightmare says

    Lost two in the last 18 months… Both ryman-type english setters–average lifespan 12 years. It breaks your heart to lose them, which is why we do multiples.

    Our third setter had a litter of 10 puppies last October. You can’t scare ME with your weaponized cuteness! Until you see 8 7 week old puppies all lined up with their paws over the edge of a clawfoot bathtub (our winter holiday card), you haven’t really experienced cute.

  4. timberwoof says

    I saw a T-shirt that about made me cry: “I try to be the human my dog thinks I am.”

  5. Joan says

    I very much enjoyed your Cuttle poem. It made me sad, so it did the job.

    In re the punch line of my verse, of course the argument will be that dogs are valued less since they don’t have ‘souls’ and can be put down at will. Still, I imagine your audience won’t be making that argument.

    Putting Down Scotty

    ‘Twas obvious that you would die,
    Perhaps not soon enough.
    Considering the painful wait
    It could be pretty rough.

    So I took you to the vet and then
    I watched you one last time
    As the medicine put you to sleep,
    This time, the sleep sublime

    Though very sad, I knew that you
    Would want it just this way.
    Was glad I didn’t bow
    To selfish waiting day to day.

    Of course I thought of you, dear spouse
    Your suffering and pain
    How you longed for euthanasia
    But found pleadings were in vain

    The choice was just not viable
    You, far too ill to travel
    To states with euthanasia pills
    And rules we must unravel.

    It’s sad that dogs are valued more
    With options we have not;
    Physician aided suicide
    With just a simple shot..


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