Celebrate World Toilet Day Today!

Today is so special—I don’t want to spoil it
For all ‘round the world, it’s the day of the toilet
The loo, bog, or crapper, the privy, the John
The can, lav, or potty… the list can go on
The commode, the latrine, or the porcelain throne
How odd that it’s so euphemistically known—
How strange we disguise it (a nice form of lying)
When plumbing like this has saved millions from dying
Without sanitation, diseases can spread,
And with so many sick, there’s a fair share of dead
So here’s to the shitter! Let’s all raise our glasses!
So dear to our hearts, and so close to our asses!

Today, November 19th, is indeed World Toilet Day.

This is actually quite a serious issue, and a matter of life and death for millions. So follow the link, and (their words, not mine) show them that you give a shit.


  1. Lofty says

    It can also be the day where men are toilet trained instead of aiming urine streams vaguely in the direction of the bowl, the floor etc. then learning how to clean the damn thing too.

  2. Crudely Wrott says

    The toilet, or terlit, as Archie Bunker would say,
    Is a fixture that surely is here and will stay
    Indispensable, crucial to all manner of health.
    And to plumbers a source of renewable wealth.

    My dear brother Mark*,
    Who thought and who thunk,
    Translated the sound that it makes.
    I’m certain he’s right, he makes few mistakes,
    When flushed it goes
    Ah, aahh . . . ah dunk.

    True story! ;^>

    *As a little boy he would climb into a cabinet and close the door and be very quiet. When asked what he was doing, he said, “I’m going to Canada”. Happy is life with little brothers.

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