Wait, Isn’t The Election Over?

I just saw one of the Romney-affiliated PAC commercials. Four days after the election.

An abbreviated version of this one:

You know, the ad that was totally not coordinated with Romney’s claims that Jeeps were all going to be built in China?

I guess huge amounts of money don’t really care who actually wins the election. Keep telling the big lies, and no matter who is nominally in charge, control the conversation. The people have spoken, but there’s no reason to listen to them. They don’t have money.


  1. machintelligence says

    It sounds like they are firing a preemptive shot against higher taxes for the rich. Note the emphasis on cutting spending and waste. And before the Chinese make grandiose claims about owning American debt, they would be well to remember: If you owe the bank $500.000, you have a problem; if you owe the bank $500.000.000, the bank has a problem.

  2. Alverant says

    I saw this a bunch on election day. Typical conservative BS about how the stimulus failed and how Wall St is going to be controlled by the government. Plus some xenophobia and racism to top it off.

  3. Christoph Burschka says

    Maybe someone is hoping that if they stack up the lies high enough, they can collapse space-time, loop back and retroactively cause Romney to win – or maybe even McCain. Anything’s possible.

  4. says

    Wow! Why should the GOP let something as small as a lost election get in the way of expressing their overt racism?

    I actually kind of hope that they continue to air ads like this indefinitely; they’ll never gain power again.

  5. Some Old Programmer says

    From what I understand, typically a broadcaster will guarantee a certain audience count for the show on which the commercial appears. If the audience is lower than contracted, the advertiser gets a rebroadcast of the commercial to make up the deficit. Who knows if this is the way contracts are drawn up for a time-sensitive commercial, but it’s a possible explanation.

  6. sailor1031 says

    There’ll be plenty more of this stuff as the 1%, having lost at elections, try to strike fear into people to prevent threatening tax increases.

  7. sumdum says

    I guess on top of the never ending war on terrorism there’s now also a never ending election campaign. New elections in 2 years, right?

  8. machintelligence says

    Members of the House of Representatives start running for re-election the day they are elected.

  9. Tsu Dho Nimh says

    If the contract was for political commercials, they are usually shown at the station’s discretion, in whatever time slot, until the number of ads contracted for has been shown. They can be bumped by any commercial whose agency is willing to pay more for that slot (hence the late night crapucopia of ads).

    So if the station was contracted for 75 repeats of the ad and only got 73 of them in, they run the ads in any available slot to finish out the contract.

    If you listen, you will hear holiday ads after the holidays for the same reason: they bought a number of slots and didn’t pay a premium for timing.

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